Belgrade Sparrow


Hello, I’m Branislava, in love with stories, languages, Belgrade and I’m behind this website and the idea of Belgrade Sparrow. If you are looking for an authentic Belgrade tour or a precise, accurate and professional translation in English, German, Italian or Serbian, you are at the right place.

Wondering what translation and tourism have in common?

I am a licensed tourist guide, raised bilingually (German and Serbian) in Austria. I studied Italian and English at universities in Rome and Belgrade. Besides my diploma of the Philological Faculty, I have also completed business studies, got international certificates and attended interpreting and translation courses.

Professional translation

You’ve already guessed it: I’m a nerd. And this reflects in my work. Satisfied clients confirm that Belgrade Sparrow is all about professionalism, the highest standards, precision and the right context. My translation agency specializes in translation in 4 languages (English, German, Italian and Serbian), from business, marketing and blogs to tourism, gastronomy, technology and medicine.

What is translation work with me like?

Above all, I am here because of you, and that means I will consider all your needs, wishes and suggestions. I devote myself to each translation as if it were the most important one, because at that moment it of course is. I respect your time and deadlines. I can respond to any of your requests, including translation and interpretation. And the best news is that I am not alone: I am surrounded by a team of professionals, not just trained translators, but native speakers, each of whom has vast experience and expertise from a variety of industries and fields.

I do not compromise with translation quality. I believe that professionalism should mark every translation: clear, precise, and reliable. You deserve to be understood well, always and without exception. And that is what I offer you as a translator.

Belgrade Tours

I have always loved words and my education and professional experience speak for me. This means that I not only tell stories, but I can tell them in four different languages. During long walks in search of hidden Belgrade stories, the idea of Belgrade tours was born. And its realization has led to an authentic way of getting to know Belgrade, because the secrets I share, you can’t find in an average brochure.

What does my tour look like?

Considering your interests, I will create a tour that starts with familiar stories and then takes you beyond. I promise to keep you curious, entertained and constantly walking (or not, depending on what you like). We will stand on the intersection of art, architecture, history, dusty chronicles, extraordinary people, change, and take a stroll down each of those paths. A Belgrade tour should be just like its city; authentic, valuable, full of life and great tales, and that is what I offer as a tour guide.

Maybe you’re still not sure …

Maybe in the past you found it difficult to be understood. Maybe you are still not sure whether my translation services meet your needs. But you will be unsure only during our first cooperation. Every following will be easy for you, because you will be convinced of my translation competence.

Your first hundred steps in Belgrade may also be hesitant. You’ll still be unsure of this place and people. However, with every step we make, your understanding and affection will grow. At step 3246, you will understand Belgrade’s western mind, eastern heart and southern soul. And with steps 4546 and 4547, you will be on the right path of becoming a true “Beograđanin” at least with your heart.

So, if you want to fall in love with a city, why not Belgrade?

And if you’re looking for a reliable translator, why not me?