Belgrade Sparrow

Translation and interpreting

You will agree with me: If you want the entire world to understand you, you need an excellent translator or interpreter. Belgrade Sparrow offers translation and interpreting services (live and online) in 4 languages in all combinations of English, German, Italian and Serbian.

Professional translations are our passion, but we do not believe in literal translation. We adapt each of our professional translations to the context and your needs; with care and precision. We always find the relevant form of expression because we align to you, your company and your target audience.

Your words are important, and it is equally important that you are understood globally. An excellent translation means excellent results, and that is our guiding star with translation services.

We also respect your time, so we always and without exception meet the agreed deadlines.

We are not only educated translators, but native speakers. And we won’t tell you all the secrets of the success of our translation services right away, but we will tell you one important: all our translations go through a filter, the so-called 4-eyes-principle. This means that everything one of us translates is checked by another. And yes, we do this every time.

Our exceptional, irresistible and reliable team is made of professionals, each with their own expert knowledge of different industries:

1. Tourism

Belgrade Sparrow engages not only in translations but also in tourism. Therefore, our translations in tourism are so outstanding. We know the terminology, challenges, problems, advantages, disadvantages. We understand that a good translation in tourism is not just a formality.


2. Blogs & Marketing

If you need translation services in marketing, we are at your disposal with all our experience, knowledge and resources. We know this field like the back of our hand, and we know how important it is for marketing to be good, clear and effective in any language.


3. Business

You know this: in business related translations, you can’t afford to make mistakes. In our team you will find experts with backgrounds in economics who understand topics such as financial services, world trade or economic policy very well and use business terminology with precision and confidence.


4. Technical translation

If you work in the tech industry, you know yourself: A product’s instruction manual is just as important as the product itself. Our technical translations are not only accurate but also functional and safe.


5. Medicine

Accurate, clear, relevant and precise translations in the medical industry heal, help, save health and often lives. And that is what we offer you concerning translation services in this field.


6. Interpreting

According to the market changes and requirements, we interpret live, but also online. The formats change, but the essence remains the same: for the best results of your meetings, conferences, events and your business in general, an accurate, precise and reliable translation is one of the key factors.


It’s a matter of common knowledge that you should not compromise with the quality and reliability of translations. 

You will not make any compromises with us, you will only have success with us.