Sparrow’s Tours

Sweet Belgrade Tour (Love & Chocolate)

This tour is for those with a sweet tooth and a romantic soul. It’s a perfect choice if you already know the popular tourist attractions and are ready to get a glimpse behind the scenes. 

What to expect?

  • 6123 steps of Belgrade love tales, spiced up with urban legends 
  • True stories of  kings and queens, writers and poets and their connection to Belgrade
  • Tasting of cakes in two fine pastry shops with over 100 years of tradition
  • All about cocoa and chocolate from the ancient Mayas till today
  • Visit to The Museum of Chocolate

PRICE: €30 per person, discount of 20% for children under 12

DURATION: 2,5 – 3 hours

INCLUDED: guided tour, 2 cake tastings and museum ticket

Let’s make your day as sweet as possible!

Literary Belgrade Tour

“An endless, blue circle. A star in it. “

Does your heart skip a beat when you see an old book on a dusty shelf? You are interested in the question: “Who writes better novels – life or writers?”. And “the blue circle and the star” are not plain 6 words, you are in the right place. Join my literary tour of Belgrade!

What to expect:

  • Reminiscence of destinies of Serbian writers
  • We will discover visible and invisible threads connecting Belgrade and their lives and writing
  • Belgrade buildings where the worn-out typewriters sounds seem to be heard
  • Belgrade as an indispensable protagonist and inspiration
  • Short presentation of masterpieces of literature interpreted by your sparrow and interesting guests

“An endless white city. In it …

PRICE: €20 PRO person, a discount of 20% for children under 12

INCLUDED: guided tour

DURATION: 2 – 2,5 hours

Hip, Urban and Bohemian Tour

Are you ready for a walk down the streets of Belgrade’s cosmopolitan culture, laid-back lifestyle, contemporary art and history? 

With just 5435 steps, you will experience the Balkan’s finest meeting of east and west. We will show you the soul of Dorćol, one of the oldest and coolest parts of Belgrade. Here you will find out what makes a true “Beograđanin”. Maybe you will even become one yourself. 

The Hip, Urban and Bohemian Tour is fit for young people from 7 to 107 years of age. 

This is where you’ll paint the picture of Belgrade way of life, count murals, recognize different languages, discover independent art galleries and concept stores, smell the freshly ground coffee in the bistros, hear the ice cubes playing in cocktail glasses, and listen to the traditional music from colourful kafanas. 

What to expect?

  • 5435 steps of stories on Belgrade lifestyle and people that shaped it
  • History of the oldest houses of the city 
  • Detailed explanation of the few remaining examples of the “Balkan Architecture”
  • Bajrakli Mosque
  • Jewish municipality
  • Background stories on the vibrant street art
  • Bohemian Quarter Skadarlija

PRICE: €25 per person (one drink included)

DURATION: 2 – 2,5 hours

INCLUDED: guided tour, one drink per person

Let’s discover the spirit of Belgrade!

Women that changed Belgrade

The history of a city are not only wars and great battles. Stories of art, literature and culture are as important. The soul of a city is shaped by women and men who create, work, love, laugh or suffer in it. Their lives form fragments of reality that make an incredible mosaic of life.

Belgrade has its own special history. Stories of extraordinary women who changed it. Step by step we will reveal it and maybe find some tears along the way.

What can you expect on this lady’s tour?

• Stories of female pioneers in science, art, culture, humanitarian work

• Comparison of their similarities and differences and the insight that, despite the diversities, all of them are representatives of true female strength

• We will investigate how we remember them today, to whom we paid respects, and whom we have sadly forgotten, and why

• Belgrade, the true gentleman and male representative of this round, will not be forgotten.

Other gentlemen are also welcome guests!

PRICE: €20 PRO person, a discount of 20% for children under 12

INCLUDED: guided tour


Belgrade for Beginners

This is your first time in Belgrade, and you didn’t have any time to consult Google on your destination? Welcome to our beginners tour!

We will give you an overview of Belgrade’s culture, way of life, history and exclusive insider stories. From the ancient Fortress to new landmarks, you will experience Belgrade in a nutshell. We will explore central streets and attractions. And we will give you tips for any further adventure.

  • Square of the Republic
  • Knez Mihailova Street
  • Fortress and Kalemegdan park
  • Cathedral Church
  • Coffee in the oldest kafana in Belgrade
  • Palace of Princess Ljubica

PRICE: €20 per person, a discount of 20% for children under 12

INCLUDED: guided tour, ticket for the Palace of Princess Ljubica, coffee

DURATION: 2 – 2,5 hours 

Let´s make your day unforgettable!

“Take my Photo” Exclusive Belgrade Tour

Your Belgrade adventure has just started, you want to share your impressions and photos, but don’t know where to go or who to call for a professional photo shoot?  

Maybe you are an influencer and need exclusive information and photos. Perhaps you want to make a family album or capture memories from a trip with your partner or friends. 

No worries, a renowned Belgrade photographer and an experienced tour guide are at your disposal.  

You just pick the size that suits you and make the best of your trip!


  • Guided Tour
  • 20 professional, edited photos from Belgrade’s finest locations

PRICE: €120 for a couple, family, group of friends or an individual

DURATION: 45 minutes 


  • Guided Tour
  • 30 professional, edited photos from Belgrade’s finest locations

PRICE: €130 for a couple, family, group of friends or an individual

DURATION: 1 hour


  • Guided Tour
  • 50 professional, edited photos from Belgrade’s finest locations
  • Sparrow’s e–guide: “Belgrade’s Top 10”

PRICE: €150 for a couple, family, group of friends or an individual

DURATION: 1,5 hours

Let’s make the best of your trip!